Fashion Revolution Week 2017

Fashion revolution is a NGO created to remember the Rana Plaza accident, raise awareness for the situation in the fashion industry and put pressure on brands and government, for more transparency in the supply chain.

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I am sorry for being away for such a long time, I was extremely busy since finals month is just around the corner. I wanted to enjoy the Spring Break and spend it with my family. But I am back for good 😊 Today I am coming at you with just a quick blogpost about something that really matters! Fashion is great, we all have fun with it, we live in it and use it to express ourselves. But what happens behind the scenes? Why most high street stores are so much cheaper than other stores?  

4 years ago, on April 24th 2013, the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and injured many more. This factory is known for providing clothes to our favorite stores like Zara, H&M, Primark, etc. To promote mindful and conscious fashion shopping, the Fashion Revolution movement was created.

This week, turn your favorite garment inside out in order to show the clothe tag, wear it and take a selfie. Post your picture with the hashtag #whomademyclothes and brands who are willing to show their workers will speak the truth! It is nice to know who created our T-shirt. Putting a face on every piece we own makes the experience much enjoyable. Personally, I prefer knowing a happy person living in dignity sewed my pants than some under-payed kid who should be at school.

A ton of event will be hold in different countries around the world. If you can please participate in at least one of them. Fashion is awesome but human rights and dignity is better!

For more information, printables and events please visit Fashion Revolution‘s website.

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Packing for Vacation: Vanity

What is in my vanity case?

Hello everyone! I just arrived in Greece! As I promised, today I am sharing with you what’s in my vanity case. Since I am only staying 10 days, I try to keep it minimal. I only had a hand luggage so I had to keep that in mind: hand luggage means less space but also restricted amounts of liquids.


I try to keep the skincare I carry with me as simple and smart as possible. I always end up buying someextras as I wait for boarding anyways 😛 !  As you can see I really took with me the bare minimal. There i no need to have tons of creams and serum during a vacation. It may seem wrong to some people but I prefer enjoying my holidays instead of taking half an hour day and night for my skincare routine. That’s why in my vanity case I only have the products my skin really needs.


I only have with me a little shampoo  from Ouai. It is a volumizing shampoo, since my hair is so flat and fine it is the only way to make it look a bit fuller. I didn’t had a travel size conditioner or hair mask so I will have to buy one from here because there is no way I could brush my hair without any moisture on it (hello  frizzy tangled hair!).


I also bring with me a hair pomade. Since I cut my hair quite short, I had a hard time styling it. It is naturally super straight, so there is no really any movement going on. So I need some texture to make it look more polished. This matte pomade is awesome, it adds some dimension to a wavy look and also has a nice, subtle smell. It leaves my hair very touchable, not greasy or stiff like some other similar products.


For the face, I kept it a bit too minimal. You maybe noticed that there is no eye cream in there. I got through mine and haven’t had any time to buy a new one. I will probably go to the pharmacy today get some because I am the queen of dark circles and dehydrated under eye 🙁 .


Anyway, I got he  two major steps so that’s something I guess. I have two cleanser. I have a cleansing cream “Absolute Dream Clean”  I found in my local Monoprix. It’s from a brand called Formula 1006, never heard of it but I liked the packaging and cucumber works great for my skin. It is quite nice but not my favorite, it does its job at cleaning my face, it really made a difference on occasional breakouts I had on my T-zone. You really need the tiniest amount so that is great, I know I won’t run out of it. The problem is that it stings my eyes so so bad!

So I had to bring a micellar water with me to get my eye make up of. I have one from Caudalie which is definitely my favorite pharmacie brand. It is very gentle on my super sensitive eyes, it does what it says it will. I like it because I leaves a bit of moisture on the skin so my face doesn’t feel squishy clean (which is the worst thing you can do).


This one from Chanel is really a game changer. Phenomenal: it won’t change your skin overnight (no skincare product will no matter how expensive it is) but it will do so much for it. It looks like a plain moisturizer but it is a really treatment. It feels really luxurious on the skin. The cream just gives the right amount of hydration your face needs. It was designed for sensitive skin so it is really gentle and refreshing. I also have an extra lip balm from Caudalie because you can never have enough of those!

Face Mask

I also had to take with me my moisturizing face mask. I’m a big fan on sleeping masks, I know this one isn’t commercialized as such but this is how I use it. It’s an Anti-Aging mask from Natura Siberica. I also bought this in Monoprix, I have heard of the brand but never heard of this line. It says there is Russian caviar in there. Meh, not impressed. It is a good mask there is no denial but not an anti aging one: I am 22 and it’s just a tiny more moisturizing than what I need. I apply it every night, the morning after my skin looks radiant and healthy.


Okay let’s be honest I am not really big on body creams. I am very very lazy especially during the winter but I try to force myself to put some body lotion now and then. My only motivation is thinking that in Greece there is no need for thighs and I will have to show some leg (and flaky skin is not cute). I have this one from L’Occitane which smells like a dream. I can’t describe the smell, it’s an almond delight that’s the only thing  I can say!

Make up

Foundation and concealer

Complexion is key for me. If yo have an awesome base, whatever you decide to do with your lips or your eyes will look 100 times better. I don’t really have imperfections on my face except for some pimple here and there every few in a while but I have a lot of redness. So, I try to stick with a lightweight foundation that will just make my skin look radiant and healthy. I love my touche éclat foundation from YSL. It is really glowy so for the center of face (which tends tobe more red and a bit more oily) I apply a primer. This one is from NYX, it cancels out the redness and blurs out the pores. The foundation does not give much coverage so I have my Bourjois healthy mix  concealer, it does wonders on the under eye!

Blush and bronzer

My favorite part! I love blush because I really gives some life to a white canvas after putting on your foundation! I normally apply some Too Faced blush from my blush palette but it was way to big for my little vanity bag. So I took with me a convenient trio from Urban Decay. It’s the Naked Flushed palette, it features a blush, a bronzer and a highlighter. I don’t really like the highlighter in there so I also have my MAC MSF in Soft and Gentle with me, it’s such a gorgeous colour! For the days I feel like going more natural I have a cream blush with a sheen to it from & Other Stories. It is in a stick form so really easy to use.

Mascara and eyeliner

I love to draw attention to my eyes, I think they are my best facial feature. So I always wear mascara. I have this one from L’Oréal which is okay. It does a good job at separating the lashes and give some volume, nothing spectacular but it does the trick so I’m not complaining. I also like to use an eyeliner to give some definition and drama, even though I really suck at drawing a cat eye! The Maybelline Master Precise liner is not really good, the felt tip is to clingy in my opinion and not rally easy to work with. I can’t wait to use it up and buy something new.

Eye Shadow

I have a dozen of palettes but I always go back to this one. The MakeUpGeek x Manny MUA is my favorite palette from all times. It is so versatile and the shadows are so good quality. I use it almost every time I wear make up and I didn’t hit pan on any shadow yet! You can do a simple look just by warming up the crease to a super dramatic look with the duo chrome shadows there are in there! Plus, the shadows really last ALL night long on the eyes!


I have not been blessed with nice eyebrows so hopefully make up can fix this. I use the benefit brow pomade. Since it’s a waxy consistency, it doesn’t move. You can literally take a shower this thing won’t go anywhere I promise! I got this product in a little kit that can with a brow mascara. It’s clear but really keeps the little hairs in place making the brows look more polished and full.



For lips I really keep it classic. I have a nudish matte color for the daytime or when I do a dramatic eye makeup, this on is a Matte Lip Pencil from NARS in Dolce Vita. I so love this color, it’s a MLBB color. For the night time, I have a classical red lipstick in a satin finish from Dior and a burgundy lip gloss I got from Chanel. I don’t really love the matte lip trend, I think a glossy lip looks so much fresher and  youthful! I also have some lipsticks laying around in my bag 😛 who doesn’t right?



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Packing for vacation: Greece

Less than 24 hours until I say hello to Greece!

Hello world! Happy Wednesday! This week is a quite short one for me to be honest! I stopped working last week and I am finishing school tomorrow (saying goodbye with an exam). But… Something exciting is going to happened tomorrow evening! I am going to Greece for the holidays! How awesome is that? I can’t wait! It will be super sunny and (reasonably) hot there. Don’t get me wrong Paris has been pretty nice with us this week: it was relatively sunny but there is nothing like the greek sun!
I will be staying for a rough 10 days there but chose to carry only a hand luggage! Now that’s a challenge! When you have limited space you have to think carefully about you will be bringing to your destination and for that I have some tips to share with you all.


Check the weather of your destination.

Luckily, the weather broadcast indicates a very nice weather in Greece for the upcoming week! Yay! So I know I won’t need to bring a huge coat or big sweater that will fill up my tiny suitcase leaving me next to no room for other items! Packing for a sunny country is definitely playing on the easy mode 😝 . That way I know exactly what I need to bring and I can avoid (as much as I can) wardrobe malfunctions due to the weather.

As you can see, the whole week will be sunny! I am so excited! The best thing is that light clothing don’t take much space in my suitcase 🙂

 Optimize your space.

A small luggage doesn’t have a lot of room, that’s a fact. But you will be amazed to see how much things you can fit in there with just some few tips. I would suggest rolling your Shirts instead of folding them. This trick saves me so much space you can’t even imagine!  Another major trick is to stuff your clean shoes with socks or small items. I would also suggest putting your small piece of jewelry in a small clear box (I used a old tictac one 😝 )

Be realistic

Okay now let’s be honest : when we pack for vacation everything looks so useful and necessary. Going on a vacation for 3 days? Oh, this top I bought 10 years ago and never wore? Of course I need it, just in case. No. No! Just stop right now. Put that thing down. Chances are, you don’t need this shirt and you don’t need 10 different shirts for a week. This leads us to my fourth and most important tip…

Plan ahead and be efficient
picture by mylittleparis

When you are away from home you don’t have your whole closet with you. You need to plan your outfits as much as you can. This is different for everyone, you really need to consider what you will be doing, where will you and if you’ll be switching outfits during the day. For example, if you go sightseeing you will need comfortable clothes in order to enjoy the attractions. In my case, I go to Greece to have fun and not really see any museum (since I visited most of them 😉 ).

I try to chose wisely the pieces I take with me. For example, for ten days I know I won’t need more than two pair of jeans: a skinny one and a more relaxed one that I can really dress up or down. For warm weather, my go-to items are dresses for sure. With just one piece you have a whole outfit: just switch up shoes and accessories and you are good to go!

You don’t need tons of shoes either. For ten days I keep it minimal. I travel with my sneakers in order to be comfortable and carry some more “dressy” shoes. I don’t really wear high heels and find that it really takes too much space in my suitcase so I don’t take any pair with me. Nice flats (luckily, mules are really in this season) can take you anywear, plus they are more comfortable and equally stylish!

See you tomorrow where I will share my travel vanity on the blog  xx

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